From on the Ground Experience, the Valhalla Private Capital Team has Pure Passion for the Americas

The Valhalla Private Capital team has been active “on the ground” in 12 countries across the Americas during the last three years. Valhalla team members have engaged with entrepreneurs directly, or partnered with accelerators, incubators, Universities, angel investors and groups, family offices and venture funds to curate the best high growth deal opportunities in these countries – mainly in innovation, food technologies, and Internet. The “on the ground” approach has led us to hire employees in Lima and partner offices in Mexico City, Santiago, and Bogota.

We are very proud of our 15-year history developing early-stage business “ecosystems”. We created one of the first 5 Angel groups in Canada and in 15 years have invested $55.2M CAD in over 190 companies. We are now taking that experience to the world, and have been invited to 12 countries in LATAM to share our investing know- how.

We are not academics or development workers. Valhalla team members have built companies, managed funds, and operated businesses and we have taken this experience into our investing paradigm, which means we roll up our sleeves and work one-on-one with our invested companies and founders.

This has given us access and hands-on experience with the best countries in emerging, underserved markets around the world. We have also been investing personally and within the Valhalla Angel Network with great success.

Because of our active engagement level, we have identified the opportunity and the need to bring the top angel investors and VCs together in Cancun to share their knowledge, join the conversation and get more cross border deals done.