Why should you attend the Angel Summit of the Americas?

The Angel Summit of the Americas is the premier private capital event in the Americas. Designed to facilitate more cross-border deals, the summit will showcase the hottest companies from across the Americas, provide educational insights to investors, improve technical skills and best practices, enable networking opportunities with top angel investors and VC’s across 35 countries, and increase cross-border investment opportunities. The Angel Summit of the Americas is the exclusive culmination of international investment opportunities that you just can’t get anywhere else.

What will you take away from the Angel Summit of the Americas?

Cross-border Deal Flow

Dedicated presentations and discussion sessions will break down the barriers to cross border deals in emerging economies to ultimately get more deals done. Through program discussions, investors will also have the opportunity to focus on market access for their own deals.

Investor Insights

Discussion panels will help facilitate the transfer of knowledge around global best practices, demystify the valuation dilemma, simplify complex deal structure term sheets, unveil the art of the exit, and much more to assist investors in maximizing their portfolio performance.

Technical Training

Leading experts will empower you to get more deals done by helping you improve your technical investment skills. Topics include the emerging financial technology environment (FinTech), the newest software as a services (SaaS), initial coin offerings (ICO), blockchain, internet investing platforms, and future trend discussions.

Global Investor Community Networking

Through networking and investor community building we can promote international cooperation, friendship, goodwill, and business success across the Americas which are ripe with investment opportunities. Angel Summit of the Americas is the only event that bring the global investor community together to get more cross-border deals done.

Who Should Attend

Angel Investor

Learn and understand global investment best practices. Improve your deal structure to get an exit, and increase your return on investments. Explore tools of the trade with Fintech and alternate investment platforms. Learn how to organize an angel group or a network to share research, and increase deal flow by pooling investment capital. Expand your investment opportunities as the summit provides market access to your portfolio companies.

Venture Fund Manager

Get access to the best deals across the Americas. Evaluate private equity stakes in startups and small-to-medium sized enterprises with strong growth potential. Gain access to high-risk and high-return private equity opportunities. Create equity financing opportunities that give entrepreneurial and other small companies the ability to raise funding.

Family Office

Train members of the family office to learn and understand global investment best practices. Gain market access to the best deals in the Americas and outside the country of residence. Create private equity investment opportunities with high-risk high-return potential. Network with other family offices, investors, and other high net-worth individuals.

Federal and Regional Trade Office

Identify opportunities to further develop trade and investment ties for mutual economic, social, and cultural benefits. Increase foreign investments and enable coordination for current and future inbound programs for visiting foreign trade officials.

Angel Summit of the Americas Sponsors

Network with an elite group of high net-worth individuals, venture fund representatives, and family offices from the Americas - be the first to see the best deals from across the Americas. Expand your global reach.


Entrepreneurs pitching at Pitch at the Beach are invited to join the conversation and to learn and interact with world-class investors to achieve entrepreneurial milestones. Increase your opportunities to refine your pitch, expand market access, secure financing, and facilitate mentorship while showcasing your company to this international audience

Thank you to all those that attended our inaugural event in Cancun on April 12 & 13, 2018.